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Waiting for a Train

gentleman-jimHere’s a version of the old but very popular song “Waiting for a Train” by Jimmy Rodgers . It’s also known as “Blue Yodel # ???”. We cut a version of it on the “Resocasters” CD in E, this one is in the key of C. Jimmy Rodgers music is associated with the Dobro even More Info »
Price: $8.00

The Resocasters - CD

resocasters-cd1. Rock Bottom 2. Second Avenue 3. Roly Poly 4. Irish Spring 5. Evangelina 6. Charmaine 7. Sugar Foot Rag 8. I'll Rise Again 9. Blue Yodel 10. Last Call at Syzlak's 11. Doin' the Charlton 12. Girl From The Heights. More Info »
Price: $15.00

Dobro - CD

dobro-cd-4My first record, recorded around 1981-83. I think it still holds up although my tone is for the birds. Some great guests on this one: Larry Sparks, Tony Trishka, Orrin Star, Kenny Kosek, Andy May, Russ Barenberg, And the members of the French band "Transatlantic Bluegrass". Some great playing on this one, I'm holding hold for dear life. Get this, if only to use against me. The music is straight ahead Bluegrass. More Info »
Price: $15.00

Intelli-IMT-500 Clip-on Tuner

intelliSo now you're in tune with the Peterson Flip tuner, but what about tuning on the run?? For tuning on stage and on the fly I use this dynamite little clip on tuner that works like a champ. This tuner works a lot better than the other clip on tuners and at half the cost. More Info »
Price: $24.00

Improvisation Lesson-Part I...

gentleman-jimThis downloadable 1 HOUR PLUS lesson gives you the inside track on how to start to improvise your own solos. Backing tracks included, I take you through the process as I think and feel it out when I improvise. You'll learn where the "hot" notes are and how to see them on the fretboard to More Info »
Price: $25.00

Become a Better Dobro Player Overnight-DVD

overnight-dvd"This is the best product I've ever seen, Jimmy has really reinvented the light bulb here...." -James Hiffernan The Taliban Good Time Press More Info »
Price: $39.99

100 Licks for Resophonic Guitar-DVD

100_licksNothing but licks, no filler. Two Hours,Two DVD's with Tab book More Info »
Price: $39.99

How To Play Back Up - DVD

backup-coverOver three hours long. With special guest JIM HURST More Info »
Price: $39.99

SIX HOUR Bluegrass Lessons CD's

JimonDobroThis was recorded in early 1981 or so on 1/4" tape. It is now transfered to CD. There is a lot of tape hiss on this. So if you hope to buy this and put it on your stereo and relax with music you probably don't want this. If you want to learn the music, this is for you. Also, I sound like I'm 13 years old when I talk, which I was not far from. It's a really good course and I offer it here because of the information it contains. Disc1: Beginning Techniques and Licks Boil Em Cabbage Down Frankie and Johnny Maiden's Prayer Bury Me Beneath The Willow Disc 2: Intro into Auldridge and Douglas styles 22 Licks Farewell Blues Ruben When My Blue Moon turns to Gold Again Boil Em Cabbage (with New Variations) Disc 3: Josh Graves Style Long Road To Aspen The Spanish Two Step Ruben's Train Footprints in the Snow Rosewood Casket Jazzin 34 Josh Licks Little Maggie Shuckin the Corn Disc 4: Mike Auldridge Style New Camptown Races It's Over Indian Summer Muddy Waters Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown Doin My Time Disc 5: Jerry Douglas Style New Licks Stoney Point One Way Track Panhandle Rag Dixie Hoedown Kentucky Waltz Disc 6: Fiddle Tunes Fire On The Mountain Turkey In The Straw Redwing John Hardy Back Up And Push More Info »
Price: $60.00

StroboClip™ Tuner

clip* Smallest Multi-Temperament Tuner * 1/10 Cent Accurate * Smooth, Real-Time Display * Alternate Temperament Presets (Including Buzz Feiten Tuning System®) * Includes Eastern Temperament Presets * Drop/Capo Setting * Adjustable Key * 28 Exclusive Peterson Sweeteners™/Temperaments * Adjustable Concert A Reference: 400Hz to 490Hz * Auto Sleep And Power Off For Battery Saving * Low Power Consumption * Virtual Strobe™ Patented Technology More Info »
Price: $69.99

Sonnus G2M

sonuus_headThe new Sonnus G2M is an interface that will convert your pickup signal into midi information. What does this mean for you ? Well you can now with the G2M play your Dobro while it's plugged in to a keyboard and create a string part to go with your Dobro part. You can play sax More Info »
Price: $99.00

Band In A Box 2013 - Bluegrass Pack

bb_boxshot_2013_largeNew version slight price increase, many, many cool new features. NOW WITH REAL DRUM SAMPLES FROM REAL DRUMMERS SOUNDS WAY BETTER !!! Comes with Bluegrass Soloist's disc, Slowblast, and 250 preprogramed Bluegrass standards. More Info »
Price: $149.00

Gold Tone ABS Advanced Microphone System for Dobros

ABSsystemColorYouTube video test drive:

More Info »

Price: $229.00$179.00

Peterson Flip Strobe Tuner

flip_smBest tuner on the market for Dobro players. It comes already preset with two different Dobro "tempered" tuning settings for "G" tuning, half tempered or full. Get in tune like the pro's and stop guessing on how to tune your "B" strings. Also has tempered tunings built in for Pedal Steel. Killer product, I offer More Info »
Price: $199.00

Beard Gold Tone Guitar

Import_MahogRND_FTAsk me about other Beard guitars ! More Info »
Price: $800.00