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Maryville, TN Kaufman Acoustic-Kamp 06/15/14 12:00pm Buy Tickets Map
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Click on to right of workshop price to reserve your space. Don’t delay, workshops fill up fast!
Your PayPal receipt will be your ticket in.

My workshops are pretty intensive Resophonic boot camps. You will not be sitting there watching me play, you’ll be getting your hands dirty playing all weekend. The workshop is geared for all levels at the same time. So if you’ve been playing a matter of hours or years, there’s enough of interest to keep everyone happy.

I spend lots of time with one on one teaching, helping you unlearn unproductive playing habits that will hold you back.
We deal with the Right Hand, the most important tool you have in your arsenal. I’ll help you figure out a system to enable you to play faster cleaner and with more volume and drive. Here are some of the other topics covered in every workshop:

    Pull offs
    Scales and how to use them
    Minor chords and keys…How to play over them.
    Blues scales and blues pockets of notes.
    Left hand economy of motion
    Fiddle Tunes
    Swing Tunes
    Backup Fills
    Licks and Tricks
    And more…
    I just can’t think of anything right now.

This year’s songs in the Workshop include:
Sally Goodin, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Amazing Grace and Will the Circle be Unbroken ( 2 Solo Dobro versions), Kentucky Waltz, Dixie Hoedown, The Gold Rush, Orange Blossom Special, Little Maggie, Panhandle Rag, Beaumont Rag, Blueridge Mountain Blues, Big Sciota, Blackberry Blossom, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Irish Spring, Buck’s Stumble, St Anne’s Reel, and more !!!!!!

You don’t really need to bring anything except what you need to play. As far as little extra’s that make things better for you, you might want to bring a music stand if you have one, something to write with, and possibly a Walkman type CD player and headphones. Also if you have any kind of recording device including a video camera you might find that useful to record things that we go over privately. All those are really extra’s though, I provide you with the tab and a CD of all the music I plan to over in class. Things come up that I didn’t plan for in the materials so I provide blank tab paper also. You might want to bring some extra of your own. People both bring lunch and go out for it at local restaurants.

Workshop hours are 10am till 5pm each day with a 1 hour lunch break. You will receive a CD with a tab book that contains all the music
I will be teaching. Each CD has fast and slow versions of the licks or songs as well as backup tracks both slow and fast that you can practice to at home. Bring along some tab paper so you can write down things from the blackboard as we get into questions from the group.

And now the fun part (for me anyway). Each two day workshop is $200 and $225 west of the Mississippi. The extra helps offset the flight expense. (If someone wants to pick me up in their private jet and fly me around, we’ll forget the extra $25)

Address: Jimmy Heffernan – 522 Third Ave – Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

Workshops are held on the condition of a level of attendance that will make each one pay for itself. So in other words if two people sign up, and it costs me $500 to fly there and stay in a hotel, then I would lose money. In that case we would cancel or postpone the workshop
and all money collected would be refunded. The decision to cancel will be made no later than 3 weeks before the proposed date. Having said all that I will bend over backwards to make each workshop work this year in an effort to recover from the Matt Roe, Ray Boze affair.
So we can pretty much count on each one happening this year
unless I have to go in the hole rather deeply.

That about does it, let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
Or email me and we’ll set one up.